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List of compatible DOS & Windows 95 games and recommended emulator.

Doom/Doom II/Final Doom - Prboom Retroarch Core/GZDoom
Duke Nukum - Magic DOSbox
Duke Nukem 2 - Magic DOSbox
Duke Nukem 3D - Magic DOSBox - Runs a bit slow; shareware version runs better.
The Elder Scrolls - Chapter 2 - Daggerfall - Runs a bit slow.
Shadow Warrior - Magic DOSbox
StarCraft - Magic Dosbox
Strife - Quest for the Sigil - Magic DOSbox - Runs a bit slow.
Warcraft 1 - Magic Dosbox
Warcraft 2 - Magic Dosbox
Wolfenstein 3D - Magic DOSbox

Thank you to Taki Udon's Community Game Settings Spreadsheet

Basic Magic DOSbox Setup Guide can be found here.