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SD Cards[edit]

Theoretically, the RP2 should be able to accept any microSD card up to 2 TB in size. However, for cost and performance reasons, it is recommended to use a 512 GB or smaller card. Our communities recommend the Samsung Evo Plus or Samsung Evo Select microSD cards for the RP2. For a detailed breakdown on why these specific cards are recommended, see this post on our subreddit.

If you purchase a Samsung card, you may be able to increase the speed of the card by reformatting your card and increasing the cluster size (allocation unit size). For exFAT, you should see improvements from cluster sizes as large as 1024KB (1MB). Windows will normally force any removable storage larger than 32GB (64GB+) to be formatted as exFAT.


Confirmed to Fit Well:

Official Retroid Pocket 2 Case

GLCON EVA Case - Multiple Color Options.

MacBook Air Pro Charger Case

Aluminum Case -Add some padding to this one, not a snug fit.

Procase for samsung Dex Pad -Fit perfectly

2DSXL Pouch

Many 2DSXL or 3DSXL cases/pouches will work well, but they do vary from brand to brand, so you may not get a snug or exact fit. If you have a case that works well for you, please let us know on our discord.