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Welcome to the Retroid Handhelds Official Community Wiki[edit]

The Retroid Pocket (RP1) & Retroid Pocket 2 (RP2) are handheld gaming consoles primarily used for retro emulation, android games, and streaming content from a PC.

Devices are currently available to be purchased from Retroid's Website. Availability varies by color.

This Wiki is a work-in-progress If you need immediate assistance or cannot find your answer here, check our Discord Server, Reddit r/Retroid or Facebook Group. If you would like to contribute to the site, please make an account. This wiki is not owned, maintained, or supported by the manufacturer of the Retroid handheld systems. It is a community effort supported by enthusiasts from across the Internet.

  • Ordering & Shipping - Information on where to buy, different shipping methods, and expected timelines for shipping

  • Emulators - Details for specific emulators on the RP2

  • Games - Compatible games and game settings known to work well for the RP2

  • Accessories - Information on accessories compatible with the RP2, like SD cards and cases

  • FAQ - FAQ Written by Retroid Engineers

  • Firmware - Details for Android 6.0, Android 8.1, and RetroidOS firmwares, as well as how to Update, Re-Flash, and Restore settings

  • Wallpapers - Wallpapers for your RP2 made by the community

The information in this Wiki comes from the Retroid enthusiast community and its members. Credit is given to the original poster whenever possible. TortugasSs and straxusii both created the first community guides, which this wiki was built on, along with invaluable data from Taki Udon and his discord. Wiki infrastructure was created by rickinbsb.

Additional credits: Urya, Choosh, Ryan86Me, Chthonox, StubbornPixel, RetroGM, TotallyTerry, CeeJay, Jecklen, Roxy "The Queen" Pepper, /silverdusk/, Thor!, 6ATO, PhelanMyself, Charlie, gsp112, sam_14, MoreTechSir!, Emulation Dojo, ETA Prime, Retro Dodo, Butterboy, Meatman, Midas, TopPom, WACK, Vero, Tomyumgone, kaoshade92, DrTank, Bustawulf, Brycat9001, AfterlitePurple, Franco Catrin, RetroX, Ssor "BobMod" Bob, Vader, Michelle Toussaint, Fred Weiss, SBCGaming, RG Handhelds, SgtJimmyRustles, Smakx, Pocchitte, DeBabyDoll, Jav, ETland xoxo, CricoidRiver and the rest of the Retroid community for all their feedback and help.

If you have contributed to the wiki and do not see your name, please add yourself to the credit list.